r3storing is an independent rights managed stock footage house - a unique colour collection captured on 35mm and super 35mm negative over the past 50 years, and more recently on digital cameras. It includes iconic world landmarks; cityscapes and street scenes; climate and the environment; the oil industry; passenger trains and rail transport; road traffic; and air travel, notably a renowned aviation collection featuring aircraft and airline activity at international airports.

Throughout five decades we have contributed to television programmes, cinema features and commercial advertising, from Hollywood to Bollywood. In addition to native HD, much of our 35mm film negative has been transferred to provide picture quality at 1920x1080 and can be scanned to 2K and 4K for ultimate high-end applications.

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This site displays only a brief overview of our collection of stock footage. The categories serve to illustrate the diversity and quality of our content. We have thousands of clips on these and other topics. To licence content or to make ask about specific footage, please contact our UK office by email or telephone: +44 20 3871 5300. Our researchers will be happy to link you to suitable browsing material and deliver digital master files to you electronically.